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Event Report: Understanding the New Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

The way web addresses work is in the midst of a revolution. After 20 years of .com, .org, .ca and a few others, there are now more than a thousand new top-level-domains available for use. Today you can register a web address at .vip, .ketchup or .swiss.

You may have seen a few of these domains in the wild already, but you can expect to see plenty more in the next few years. What does this shift mean for orgs? How can your organization explore the opportunities that all these new top-level domains represent? Why is .xyz so popular?

The co-founder of .ECO answers these questions and tells the story of their community-powered new domain.

Google Analytics for Nonprofits: Slides and Worksheet



Hands-on with Google Analytics Worksheet by Elijah van der Giessen on Scribd

We all have an idea of what Google Analytics can do, but do you know how to use it to help your organization? Do you know who your visitors are and what actions they’re completing on your website? Do you know how to best use all the data provided by Google Analytics?

We were very happy to welcome Nina Cruz and Elena Czubiak from the Google for Nonprofits team for an afternoon workshop with NetSquared Vancouver. They walked us through the latest version and features of Google Analytics, and then helped us roll up our sleeves to ensure you’re tracking clear goals for your organization. Learn what is working in your marketing efforts and on your site so you can make better decisions to further your mission.

Event Report: 7 Steps to Growing Your Nonprofit With Youtube Videos

7 Steps to Scaling Your Nonprofit or Business With Youtube Videos (Even if You Have Never Done Videos)

In this workshop we discussed 7 actionable steps that will allow to grow your organization on Youtube and show them in action! Participants learned how to:

• Find topics in demand

• Create content that mesmerizes your audience

• Make your videos easy to watch, listen and find

Julia Vorontsova is the founder of Kakadu Media and an SEO expert with over seven years’ experience in the marketing industry. She currently teaches how to create effective marketing videos for business through Langara College’s Continuing Education Department. She has learned video SEO from top industry experts in California and was awarded the Local Video Marketer competition prize as the most improved local video marketer in 2015. Julia has worked on projects in both China and Canada for small to medium-sized businesses. She has an MA from UBC in cognitive science and Asian studies and has researched conceptual metaphors, focusing on their use in successful national and international advertising. She is fluent in four languages, including Mandarin and Ukrainian, and is passionate about advertising and environmental sustainability.Julia’s vision is to help business owners achieve their dreams by offering exceptional expertise and value in online video marketing.