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Event Report: Agile Project Management for Nonprofits

Everyone is talking about Agile… But what does it actually mean? And how can you benefit from using agile frameworks like scrum or kanban?

Helga Breuer is a passionate Agile Coach with 15 years of international experience in the software development area over a wide range of industries.

In this recording of NetSquared Vancouver’s September 12 workshop you will learn about the roots and benefits of Agile. Get inspired to apply that mindset to your daily work, using frameworks like scrum or kanban. Helga will present a valuable hands-on overview with tangible exercises and examples, that will show you, how to get started. Learn how to increase your throughput while focusing on your most important values and goals.



Slides + Video from Full Spectrum Civic Engagement with Steve Anderson

40 people showed up for Steve Anderson’s talk on building campaigns – a record for a July event!

But if you couldn’t make it we’ve got the slides and video from what he calls “Full Spectrum Engagement”. Steve shared tangible case studies and essential best practices you can implement in your next campaign. Steve talked about how leading digital rights organization OpenMedia and others have used this sophisticated form of civic engagement to grow and deepen communities leading to tangible campaign victories.



We also have the video in three different flavors. So pick your favourite!

Webinar-style for those who want to focus on the slides

Periscope video from Gillian Vrooman – static camera

Facebook Live video with a more dynamic camera, but sound might not be as good

Show and Tell – one minute community announcements from members


About our Presenter Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson is the Founder and Senior Advisor at award winning civic engagement digital rights organization OpenMedia.

He is a digital policy analyst and open Internet advocate. Steve is also considered a leader in strategies for civic engagement and crowdsourcing. He co-founded New/Mode as a means to distribute OpenMedia’s innovative strategies and tools to other civic organizations.

In 2011 won the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s (CIRA) Impact Awards for its work on protecting the open Internet and promoting innovation and free expression online.

Event Slides: What’s the Deal with Slack?

Slack is a team collaboration tool that has slowly begun to chip away at email’s dominance in the workplace. With over 4 million daily active users, it’s become an essential tool for thousands of organizations.

Slack’s David Fay offered an introduction to the tool for the unfamiliar, and shared some tips and tricks for the converted. Come and learn about this email-killer that’s changing the way we communicate at work.



Nonprofit Technology Show and Tell: #Net2van March 16, 2017

Chad Leaman’s notes and links from the March 16, 2017 NetSquared Vancouver event.

Tom – Makes software for Choirs


Hannah Wei

  • Shenomads – a community of remote workes
  • All on Slack
  • @herlifeinpixels
  • Mostly female
  • Made a typeform for people to sign up
  • Uses Zapier to feed the slack bot
  • Built engagemend campaign
  • Only been around since November
  • Looking for sponsors and mentors


  • TextExpander – make short codes to have full scripts
  • Cheap – $25
  • Works in cloud



  • Periscope – Webstreaming – can reshare across networks
  • Trello for Project Management – lots of free powerups for plugins like DropBox
  • Slack – OpenDataBC


  • Software to enable easier volunteering
  • Skilled based philanthropy


  • – design software for non designers. Great for online > than print
  • Mostly free
  • Has great templates


  • Canadian Business Network – funding respurce
  • – cheap outsource designs
  • Fivrr – cheap outspurcing
  • Codeacademy
  • Chatbots – autochat robots
  • Steals competitors google keywords for facebook ads.
  • Kittysplit –

Ellen – – all in one nonprofit management

  • Contacts – can group them and message them in one
  • Campaigns
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Donations – with tax reciepts. They take 0
  • $35 a month for 1000 contacts and 10 users.


  • Tip one! Slack has voice chat
  • – gets online content to be offline, so a “library for less than price of a textbook”
  • Learncloud –
  • Rumie is a Google Canada


  • Lav mic – $15 for sound make the video sound professional. Wired. Amazon link.
    • Get a battery pack for phone.
  • Livestreaming multipoint video. Mevo camera. Streams right into your phone. Can set up multipoint hot spots. Does nice pan cams. Looks like multicamera setup. Can save to memory card or push to facebook.
  • Gillian says GoPro can do 2 people.



  • Video chatroom
  • Can creat a link and joint people

Design for Non-Designers: Slides and Video

Event Report: Understanding the New Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

The way web addresses work is in the midst of a revolution. After 20 years of .com, .org, .ca and a few others, there are now more than a thousand new top-level-domains available for use. Today you can register a web address at .vip, .ketchup or .swiss.

You may have seen a few of these domains in the wild already, but you can expect to see plenty more in the next few years. What does this shift mean for orgs? How can your organization explore the opportunities that all these new top-level domains represent? Why is .xyz so popular?

The co-founder of .ECO answers these questions and tells the story of their community-powered new domain.

Google Analytics for Nonprofits: Slides and Worksheet



Hands-on with Google Analytics Worksheet by Elijah van der Giessen on Scribd

We all have an idea of what Google Analytics can do, but do you know how to use it to help your organization? Do you know who your visitors are and what actions they’re completing on your website? Do you know how to best use all the data provided by Google Analytics?

We were very happy to welcome Nina Cruz and Elena Czubiak from the Google for Nonprofits team for an afternoon workshop with NetSquared Vancouver. They walked us through the latest version and features of Google Analytics, and then helped us roll up our sleeves to ensure you’re tracking clear goals for your organization. Learn what is working in your marketing efforts and on your site so you can make better decisions to further your mission.