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15 experts, 3 food trucks, and an open bar

I’m delighted to share that we’re extending the Super Early Bird pricing for The Digital Nonprofit conference thanks to the tremendous generosity of our sponsors!

When: Monday, June 11. 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (but stay until 7:00 PM for the social)
Where: Roundhouse Community Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews
Price: $75.00

We can now announce the full line-up of 15 expert presenters, which includes author Matt Price (Engagement Organizing), Denise Williams (Truth and Reconciliation in the Digital Age), and Shoni Field (Testing and Failing Fast).

But because learning is hard on an empty stomach we’re including full access to three food trucks and two espresso carts. Feast on treats from Tacofino, Vij’s Railway Express, and Patisserie Lebeau – and then wash it down with drinks from Johnny Can’t Surf coffee truck and Marley Coffee’s bicycle stand.

And if that’s not enough join us for the post-event social with an open bar from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.

We’ve solved the conference curse. The talks are focused and short – nothing is longer than 30 minutes. And the food will be amazing and plentiful. So get your ticket today (before we sell out – which has happened for the previous three years).

When you buy that ticket join us in sharing some love for the sponsors making the conference such a great deal.


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Expert Presenters – The Digital Nonprofit 2018

The Digital Nonprofit 2018 Presenter Schedule

We are thrilled to announce our full line-up of presenters at The Digital Nonprofit 2018.

More than fifteen experts from across the Pacific Northwest will share their expertise, struggles, and victories in a variety of formats, including short case studies, panel conversations, and presentations.

Keynote: The Technology Strategy of Love

Tracy Kronzak, Senior Manager Partner Success. (Seattle)

Tracy Kronzak will share reflections on connecting the hard work of technology to the work of the heart of mission-driven communities. Technology strategy requires us to not only know the why of what we’re executing, but the why of what we’re here in service of, and delivery in support of peace and justice. “The greatest act of love is to be of service to another human being. We begin our journey at nonprofits because we act from the heart, and the execution of our technology becomes the new territory of the heart – worth the time, thought, and certitude that all matters of the heart engender.”

How Do You Attract Tech-Literate Talent?

Crystal Henrickson, CPCC, ACC Career and Leadership Coach, Talent Collective (Penticton)

The competition for talent continues to grow, and while some nonprofits only use dollars as their competitive advantage, savvy organizations are turning towards attraction and retention strategies that individuals really want: work autonomy, location-independence and mobility. But, it’s not as simple as unplugging. Learn the key elements (and debunk the myths) to creating a remote-friendly employee culture.


Case Study: Building Systems to Help Our Orchestra Scale

Steve Coombe, Vice President of Board of Directors, Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra

How Steve Coombe put in place the technical processes to help staff focus on their mission, rather than busywork.

Truth and Reconciliation in the Digital Age

Denise Williams, Executive Director, First Nations Technology Council

Let’s talk about Truth and Reconciliation in the digital age and the decolonozation of online spaces. Technology is a Human Right. Help imagine a more equitably connected future with the First Nations Technology Council.

Engagement Pyramids and Integrated Campaigning

Barbara Christensen, Senior Project Manager, Percolator (Seattle)

Engagement Pyramids – the secret to truly integrated, measurable campaigns.

Your engagement pyramid is the framework that ensures you’re spending the right amount of time on the right people, helps you evaluate your engagement efforts on a global level, and ensures you have the tools to identify your rising stars early and keep them on track. An engagement pyramid also helps to break down silos between departments and establish organization-wide engagement goals and metrics.


Crash Report, or “Sorry for Breaking Your Nonprofit”

Rob Cottingham, Cofounder, Social Signal

Digital transformation sure sounds like fun… the same way bathroom renovations do. Then you start finding black mold and structural damage, and before you know it your place is stripped down to the studs and you’re booking a three-month stay in a Motel 6. Rob kicks off the afternoon with a bracing look at what we’ve let ourselves in for — as well as the surprising upsides of disruption.

Digital Teams in 2018: The New Landscape of Digital Engagement

Jason Mogus, Principal Strategist, NetChange (Salt Spring Island)

The state of digital teams inside our nonprofits often reflects deeper issues of culture and structure and how well adapted our institutions are to today’s communications landscape. So what’s going on with digital teams today? What team structures, roles, and behaviours are producing the best outcomes? Are we getting better at cross-silo and cross-channel communications? Are we set up to really deliver on the promise of digital engagement?

Jason Mogus has been a digital structure geek for two decades, and his firm recently released their 3rd report on Nonprofit Digital Teams. He will share highlights from the report, trends over time, and war stories working inside institutions of all shapes and sizes. Then you’ll get a chance to solve for digital structure issues at your organization in real time!

How Your Online Fundraising Stacks Up With 152 Canadian Charities

Brady Josephson, Vice President of Innovation & Optimization, NextAfter

We wanted to see what the current ‘best practices’ were in Canada when it came to online fundraising so we signed up for email and gave to 152 charities tracking the user experience and communications along the way.

In this session, you will learn what other organizations from across the country are doing — well and not so well — and what you can be doing to accelerate your online fundraising. From email communications, to landing page design, to donation page gift arrays, you’ll get tons of research backed tips and insights in this jam packed presentation.

Panel Conversation: The Digital Decision

A panel conversation moderated by Jessica Langelaan with three senior nonprofit leaders talking about why technology investments are an important strategy decision on their nonprofit. Learn from the experiences and challenges of three leaders with voices for the organisations, fundraising and programs.

  • Facilitator: Jessica Langelaan – Vice President of Non-Profit Solutions at Traction on Demand
  • Speaker 1: Heather Scott – Director of Development at The Terry Fox Foundation
  • Speaker 2: Gordon Matchett – CEO at Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation
  • Speaker 3: Amanda Basi – Manager – Accessibility Certification at Rick Hansen Foundation


Case Study: From Paper Registration Sheets in Muddy Field to Tablets and Databases: How Grassroots Nonprofits Grow Up

Lyda Salatian, Founder and Executive Director, Green Teams of Canada

Learn how the Lower Mainland Green Team, leveraged to grow a membership of 3,700, but realized they couldn’t grown while volunteers filled out paper forms in the rain. After investing in a database they have transitioned to a self-serve model where invasive plant-pulling volunteers are using tablets and their own phones to track contributed hours and impact.

Test, Fail, Adapt, Win: Increase Your Chances of a Successful Campaign

Shoni Field, Chief Development Officer; Charly Jarrett, Digital Giving Officer, SPCA

Don’t get stuck in your plan’s tactics. Be adaptable. Shoni Field and Charly Jarrett tell the story of the holiday fundraising campaign that almost failed. Learn their recovery tactics and embrace the power of novelty.

Closing Keynote: Engagement Organizing – The Old Art and New Science of Winning Campaigns

Matt Price, Author and Campaign Consultant (Vancouver Island)

What separates campaigns that win from those that don’t? At any given moment, there are hundreds of campaigns under way that seek to persuade citizens or decision makers to think, act, or vote in a certain way. Engagement Organizing shows how to combine old-school people power with new digital tools and data to win campaigns today. Over a dozen case studies from NGOs, unions, and electoral campaigns highlight this work in practice. At a time of growing concern about what the future holds, this talk is an indispensable guide for seasoned campaigners as well as those just getting started, who want to apply the principles of engagement organizing to their own campaigns.

Sponsors – The Digital Nonprofit 2018

I’m delighted to share that we’re able to extend the super-early-bird pricing for The Digital Nonprofit conference thanks to the enormous generosity of our sponsors!


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Slides and Video: Using QuickBooks to Ensure Your Nonprofit Is Audit-Proof – Accounting for NGOs

Net2van is delighted to share the slides and video from our April 3 meetup. The workshop featured guest presenters from Legacy Advantage, a local team of accountants and bookkeepers with nonprofit expertise.

Nonprofits have it tough. Not only are you working with a limited budget, you are also required meet a high level of compliance. Concerns and confusion around compliance can eat up precious resources and distract you from achieving your mission.

If your nonprofit doesn’t have its books in order, then ensuring you are compliant with tax regulations can be a real drain on resources. Accounting software can help, but only if you know how to use it effectively. In this workshop, Bob Wang and Jean Elwell of Legacy Advantage share some guidance on how to run an audit-proof nonprofit. In the presentation they focus specifically on QuickBooks (desktop version available through TechSoup Canada’s product catalogue), but many of their insights and best practices are applicable to any accounting system.

Job Posting: Kudoz YVR Community Mobilizer

Community Mobilizer 
full-time position
Apply by March 30th at

#marketer #social media guru #networker #coach #maker #organizer #motivational speaker #learner #doer

The Curator position is a groundbreaking new role for the social sector. Tired of the staid and too often stigmatizing activities on offer for people with developmental disabilities, we’ve created a catalogue full of novel and offbeat learning experiences. But, here’s the best part. All of our learning experiences are hosted by wonderful locals – students, retirees, curious citizens, and business owners – in homes, workplaces & public spaces. As one of our Curators, you’ll hit the ground to meet and recruit people with developmental disabilities and community members. You’ll identify people’s interests, and coach them to share those interests in one-hour, in-person exchanges. It’s a volunteer experience we want to be unlike any other. You’ll help to transform volunteering into an easy, on-demand, passion-led pursuit. To keep host energy and momentum up, you’ll have superb follow through and a hefty dose of creativity. You’ll join our team of other creative souls whose only limits are what we can imagine and make happen.

What does a Mobilization Curator do?
See a week in the life of a Kudoz Curator.

The nuts and bolts
This position is a full time, term position hosted by Kinsight. Kinsight works alongside families of children, youth and adults with developmental delays and disabilities to set and achieve goals that will increase opportunities for growth, development and greater independence. Their mission is to promote options and opportunities for people to have meaningful relationships and fulfilling lives.

More about you

  • You’re driven by big ideas. Mission matters to you. And you really see community inclusion and connectedness as a mission worth signing-up to. The status quo pisses you off, and you see putting in the hard work required for social transformation as worth it.
  • You’re a reflexive learner. You are energized by what you don’t know, as much as what you do know. You seek out novelty in your own life, and courageously pursue things even when you’re not good at them.  You wholeheartedly believe in a growth mindset: that everyone – no matter their background of circumstances – can develop over time. It’s never too late to stretch yourself.
  • You’re curious and open-minded. A curator is a bit of an anthropologist, looking for culture in their community and tapping into it. You’re a natural at authentically getting to know people and figuring out what makes them tick. You see the best in people: helping them discover new things about themselves, articulating their passions, and inspiring them to share with others.
  • You’re a charming communicator. You delightfully compose words and imagery  – and can write & speak copy that people want to engage with. Pitches just roll off your tongue. You see yourself as a bit of a social media wizard – able to capture more in 140 characters than most can in 1000. You enjoy creating novel content, and splicing together quotes, photos, and video in ways that convey the Kudoz spirit and prompt people to act. Technology is your friend.
  • You’re opportunistic and strategic. You’re all about going to people where they are at and developing different value propositions to see what sticks. You love variety in your day and are jazzed by just hitting the ground and making surprising things happen. But, your approach is more than trial and error. You base what you do on grounded hunches, gathered intelligence, and of course, data. Far from overwhelming you, numbers inject you with energy and ideas for action. You are not afraid to fail and iterate.
  • You cross boundaries. You don’t live your life in boxes or compartments. You’re not shy at drawing on your personal networks and will make whatever phone calls and send whatever emails are necessary to make good things happen, quickly.
  • You’re all about details and follow through. You subscribe to the belief that the devil is in the details. It’s so important to you to create interactions and materials that are well thought through and well executed. You get that a good idea is not enough and gain satisfaction from implementation, documentation, and follow-up.
  • You work well under pressure. Logistically, you know how to work to a deadline, be on time, and consistently deliver. Variability is not your thing. The pursuit of excellence is a core value – so you take the time to put in place robust work processes.
  • You’re looking for purpose, not a job. This isn’t a 9-to-5 job, which is handy, because you don’t want one of those. You’re at a point in your life where you are able to invest your time and connections in something meaningful. You’re ready to make big stuff happen and can flex your time as needed.
  • You’re a collaborator and team player. You derive energy from working closely with others, and totally think the sum is more than its parts. You step in where needed, take initiative, explicitly communicate your needs, and nurture close working relationships. You welcome regular and honest feedback. Your project positivity.
  • You’re resilient in the face of rejection. Meeting with people, lots of people can be tiring. Your cheeks may  get sore from smiling, your throat dry from talking, and your hands chapped from all the hand shaking. That’s ok – you’ve got some good self-care techniques. And rather than feel turned off by rejection, you see it as gist for the mill. It makes you smarter – and sharpens your strategy.

Apply by March 30th at

We’ve solved the conference curse

You’re wordly and fancy – you’ve been to conferences before. Which means you know they can be disappointing.

Terrrible conferences make us sad too! So we did the complicated math and crunched the surveys to discover the Conference Curse:

  1. The content is boring/irrelevant
  2. The food is terrible!

But we have a solution! Which is why you should buy a ticket to the The Digital Nonprofit.


Problem: Blah blah blah. You didn’t pay to hear a sales pitch.


  • Talks are focused and short – nothing is longer than 30 minutes
  • No sponsors get to present (with one small exception, and they won’t be talking product)

Our line-up of experts will guide you on the path to digital excellence. No, we aren’t going to solve all your problems in one day, but the journey has to start somewhere. So why not with us? 🙂


Problem: Conference food is rivaled only by airline food for ruining your day/belly. Who can learn under these circumstances?


  • Lunch is included, provided by three local food trucks
  • Unlimited coffee, including an espresso cart
  • Pâtisserie Lebeau provides Franco-Belgian pastries
  • Booze! The first round is on us during the post-event social

The Details

When: Monday, June 11. 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Where: Roundhouse Community Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews
Price: $99.00 (plus fees)

UPDATE: the price is just $75 if you use the code net2friend2 – our sponsors dug deep this year, allowing us to continue offering the tickets at early bird pricing.

Where’s your money at? Join our free nonprofit accounting workshops in April

Tickets are still available for our June 11 The Digital Nonprofit conference. Use this link to save $24.

🎶 la la la wait till i get my money right 🎤

Where’s your nonprofit’s money at? NetSquared Vancouver wants to help!

Nonprofits have it tough. Not only are you working with a limited budget, you are also required meet a high level of compliance. Concerns and confusion around compliance can eat up precious resources and distract you from achieving your mission.

We have two FREE nonprofit accounting events in April. The first offers an overview of nonprofit accounting best practices and the second goes hands-on (so bring your laptop and questions!)

If your nonprofit doesn’t have its books in order, then ensuring you are compliant with tax regulations can be a real drain on resources. Accounting software can help, but only if you know how to use it effectively.


A warm welcome to our newest sponsor, the Vancouver Community Network. With their support we’ll be providing pizza at all our free meetups for the next year. Whoooo!

We love:


Here’s a selection of upcoming learning opportunities specifically for nonprofits. If you have a suggestion for our next monthly event email us at [email protected]

Tableau Training: Telling stories with data

When: April 18

This two-day, hands-on workshop with award-winning data journalist Chad Skelton will teach you the fundamentals of Tableau, the world’s leading data visualization software, as well as the principles of data storytelling.

Rose Charities 20th Anniversary Weekend Conference

When: April 21 – 22

Workshops on many aspects of project organization and management shared by most field active NGO’s.


Got a nonprofit tech event that should be in the next newsletter? Let us know! Tweet at us using the hashtag #net2van.


If you have a job to share reach out on Twitter @net2van or post to our free jobs board.

Rose Charities 20th Anniversary Weekend Conference

Our friends at Rose Charities invite Net2van members to attend their upcoming conference.

As you can see, they have some wonderful keynote speakers with lots​ of experience.

​​​Plus ​Saturday afternoon, there will be four ​interactive ​workshops:

  • Fundraising: Making the Heart-Head-Wallet Connection –  Joy Hayden
  • Leveraging Social Media – John Hamilton, Blackbaud
  • ​How do we know we’re making a Difference?​ – Dr. Andrew Macnab           ​
  • Cultural Competency in a Multicultural World – Morgan Wienberg,​ Dr Diana Carter



           Saturday  21ST and Sunday 22ND APRIL 2018 Vancouver



We at Rose Charities Canada would like to invite you (and parters / friends ),  to all or any  of our Rose Charities Anniversary events (see below) for  the weekend of Sat/Sun 21st/22nd April 2018.  Some are free, some require registration/payment   We are very proud of our track record and would love to share our celebrations with you as well as appreciating any thoughts, ideas or discussion you might like to contribute to the networking sessions.


Saturday 21st April 2018:   CONFERENCE:  Executive Hotel Vintage Park. 1379 Howe St: Corner Pacific Blvd. 9.30am – 4.30pm.   Registration please at  $25 registration fee which includes lunch and afternoon tea.   Parking available, access from alley behind hotel

MAINTAINING COMPASSION IN A FRACTURED WORLD’     Keynote guest speakers. Peter Robinson (Ex CEO David Suzuki Foundation and M.E.C.) / Morgan Wienberg (Founder Little Footprints Big Steps, Haiti)

Conference will include other individual and panel speakers from Rose programs in Afghanistan, Nepal, Uganda as well as workshops on project development, operational and support issues.    Lunch is provided (covered in the $25 registration)


Sunday 22n April  2018 (afternoon) :  PROJECT PRESENTATION FORUM:  Olympic Village Community Center. Athletes Way,  S.E. False Creek. (Parking below)   12.30-4.30pm  Finger-food lunch provided.    Admission free. Registration at door.

HELP AROUND THE WORLD:  IDEAS, PROGRAMS AND SUSTAINING THE MOMENTUM : A project presentation forum with discussion.

The program will include panels on Health, Safe Motherhood/Birthing, Health, and Community Programs (micro-credit, youth, aged, youth, disability etc) which will involve experienced Rose Charities and partner organizers and founders of effective programs from four continents.


Sunday 22nd Evening:     ROSE CHARITIES 20TH ANNIVERSARY DINNER.   Floata Seafood Restaurant, 180 Keefer Street, Chinatown     6pm -8pm (parking available below restaurant:  Food appx  $40 (pay when there does not included drinks) in advance or at the door .  Relaxed-casual-formal and..

..Will include  ‘open stage’ for words, presentations etc. .. please..   and  awarding of Charity-Rose Awards for 2016 and 2017.    20 years family dinner of the ‘Rose Family’ . Please let us know if you might  like to come to this so we get an approximate  idea of numbers.

Hope you can join !   ..   Best wishes..   Will Grut MD,    Rose Charities Canada.


Slides and Video: How Delivering Webinars Can Benefit Your Mission

Webinars can be your secret tool for scaling your service delivery, training, and recruitment.

Local webinar experts Tonya Hyde and Chad Leaman presented case studies at the March 6 Net2van meetup on why their organizations pursued webinars as part of fulfilling their mission.

Why Webinars

Tonya Hyde covers the pros and cons of the medium, best practices and things learned the hard way, benchmark webinar platforms, and walk you through the process of delivering a successful webinar: planning, recruiting speakers, marketing, delivery techniques, and follow-up.

Case Study: How the Neil Squire Society Uses Webinars to Deliver Programs

Presented by Chad Leaman, who has delivered thousands of hours of training!

Please join us in thanking our loyal sponsors

Two Free Nonprofit Accounting and Quickbooks Workshops

🎶la la la wait till i get my money right 🎤

Where’s your nonprofit’s money at? NetSquared Vancouver wants to help!

We have two FREE nonprofit accounting events coming up:

Kanye wants you to RSVP.