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Technology Planning for Nonprofits

Technology Planning for Nonprofits

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The technology planning process can be overwhelming, especially for those without any technical background. Where do you start? What are your priorities? How do you fund them?

In this audio recording from Net2van’s March 5 meetup Fully Managed walks you through the process of building a technology plan and how to find a Managed Service Provider.

If you need some visuals you can watch the video or view the slides.

CRMs for Nonprofits: Abandoning Excel for a grown-up CRM

CRMs for Nonprofits: Abandoning Excel for a grown-up CRM

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CRM for Nonprofits

It can be difficult for smaller organizations to follow expert advice and best practices for adopting and optimizing supporter relationships with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

When is the right moment to make the leap from a spreadsheet or ad hoc system to a CRM solution? And, which platform is the right fit for your organization?

Darren Barefoot hosted a series of  interviews with people who have confronted all sides of the CRM question: from within orgs and as consultants to them.  You’ll learn about when to adopt a CRM and what questions to ask to make the right infrastructure decisions for their organizations.

Hosted by Darren Barefoot @dbarefoot
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